Wyze Battery Cam Pro - feedback

I have been using the WBCP for a couple weeks now. I have it on a pole (about 3 meters high) in my driveway, together with the Wyze Solar Panel. I have a 128GB micro SD card in it. Distance from my nearest wifi access point is of the order of 20 to 25 meters, but there are walls and trees and stuff in the way.


  • Connectivity is good and I get HD consistently
  • Great image quality
  • Works great for this intermediary distance where I can’t have AC power
  • When in use, the spotlight is quite powerful
  • I like the battery concept, the ease of charging with the USB C plug on it, and of replacing it
  • Solar panel being a direct plug into the battery without an added controller/regulator is a great concept


  • The mount does not offer enough range of motion and especially of downward angle; the instructions mention 7 ft but it’s too low to prevent mischief and interference; putting it higher as I need to makes it hard to aim sufficiently down
  • Detection and recording are too slow to start; I have found that my car can be out of the (30 meters) driveway before the recording starts
  • Tiny tiny tiny solar panel
  • Battery life; it’s great if I use the Power Saving Mode and only write Events to the SD card - with the (tiny) solar panel, it appears to maintain the battery level and compensate for minor overnight drain during the day; but if I deviate from these settings, the battery dies overnight… unusable…

Altogether, happy with the purchase, but a little frustrated that I have to baby the battery so much and that the solar panel is so tiny. It’s winter and I have very few hours of effective sun exposure between trees and short days. I may go with a separate panel/regulator/battery to deal with the issue


Very similar experience so far.

Definitely not. I ended up using a couple third party mounts I had.

Did you get the Wyze panels? I have these coming today. They are a bit bigger I think and produce 2x the power. Plus cheaper. We shall see how they work. I have a few hours of SW sun exposure a day.

Thanks @bren - I think I will use different mounts as well.

As for the solar panel, yes I used the 2.5W panel from Wyze. I think I got a deal on it IIRC. Anyway, I was surprised at how small it is. 2.5W won’t be a problem in Summer, but my effective sun hours in Winter where I have the camera are very limited, maybe 4 hours. Assuming 100% efficiency, that tiny panel would take 6.2/(2.5/5) = 12.4 hours to charge the 6200 mAh battery from 0 at 2.5/5 = 0.5A. Three full days, let’s make it 5 to account for various inefficiencies.

Doubling the panel’s power to 5W as you suggest may push it a bit w.r to the battery’s max charging current, which is indicated at 0.8A, since theoretically you could provide 1.0A with that panel. That said, I would have no concern personally as inefficiencies will easily knock that down to 0.8A and the battery has protection anyway (otherwise it would be risky to charge it on a proper AC connected charger on which the battery takes about 8 hours to charge from 0). In any case even with the 5W panel, you are not looking at a huge change, still barely trading waters: charging from 0 would take 2 to 3 days of my limited Winter sun.

Please share your experience once you have it installed. Thanks