Wyze Battery Cam Pro Charger

I can’t tell from the description, does the camera come with an external charger or do I have to use the camera to charge the battery?

I see a battery charging dock but it’s unclear if I need that to charge the battery.

In other words do I have to bring the camera inside and plug it in to charge?

I do not have that cam but there is some information here:

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It looks like I can buy the camera and one extra battery and then just charge the extra battery with any 5 volt charger I have.

Yes this looks crazy. You will need a 5V 2 Amp power adapter to plug the cable into. When I purchased my battery powered WCO v1 cam over three years ago they all came with the 5V-2A power adapter and cable. This looks like everything is EXTRA. :grin:

I purchased a Battery Cam Pro along with a spare battery and a charging station. The charging station allows me to charge two batteries at the same time. The charging station is connected to a USB adapter. The camera comes with a charging cable and adapter in the box, If you choose, you can charge one battery by connecting the cable that comes with the camera directly to the battery therefore not needing the charging station. So in essence - you have options…

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