Wyze Base Station Setup Troubleshooting

Hello, I am in need of some technical assistance setting up my Wyze Base Station.

I was able to complete the initial setup process and was prompted to upgrade the firmware on the device, which I did. After completing this process I noticed that the SD card was not being recognized. So, I formatted the SD card (which is readable on my PC) multiple times, but had no luck getting the Base Station to recognize it. It is worth mentioning that this a 32gb SD card that was purchased from Wyze. I would either get “SD card not available” or “no SD card found.” Since my Outdoor Cam was still charging, I decided to troubleshoot the SD card issue.

Next, I removed the device from my Wyze app and used the factory reset button on the Base Station with the hope that I could resolve the SD card problem with a fresh install. Upon attempting to go through the setup process once again, the Base Station was not discoverable by the Wyze App. I can see the blue light on the Base Station constantly going from Solid Blue to Flashing Blue, over and over.

I attempted to scan the QR code and connect to the Base Station that way, but was not able to see the “Wyze_Bind_xxx” on my list of wifi networks.

I’m stuck and need help finishing this process, please. Thank you!

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Did you get your base to work yet?

I have no answers for you because I’m having the exact same problem! Could not get base station recognized, and 32GB card not seen. Card is fine, works on my PC. Formatted it FAT32 and still not recognized in base station. But the bigger problem is the solid-blue/flashing blue situation which prevents normal setup from working, and the “let’s talk wifi to each other” setup not working either. Base station does not broadcast any SSID. I have a support case open.

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I was not able to resolve my SD card problem. So, I have returned the SD cards to Wyze.

I kept power cycling the Base Station a couple times a day and after a few days I was able to successfully sync it up with the app. I can’t think of any reason why it took that much effort, but I have it set up now with 2 outdoor cameras connected.

I’m very disappointed with the SD card issue, but I don’t have the patience to mess with that. Perhaps I’ll give it another try in the future.

I had no issues with my Wyze 32GB card in the base but I changed it out with a Samsung 32 GB in the base and Samsung 64GB PRO Endurance cards formatted to FAT32 in all 4 of of my WCO. I am doing scheduled event recordings with the cams so I needed some good cards. Glad to hear you finally got the base connected and the cams working. If you have Cam Plus or are doing Scheduled event recording you don’t need a card in the base. I just put one in there in case I forget to reschedule my event recordings every 30 days.

So is Wyze going to resolve this SD problem ever? I can’t get my outdoor cams and base station to recognize the SD card at all.

What kind of cards are you trying to use? I’m using Samsung 64GB cards formatted to FAT32 in two of the high traffic WCO and two Samsung 32 GB cards in the other 2 WCO and a formatted 64 GB card in the base, Did you put the cards in correctly as shown here?