Wyze Band - On/off shortcut for lights mute/unmute notifications

Would be wonderfull have 1 shortcut to turn on/off a light not one to turn on and another to turn off, i mean the 5 shortcuts in the band are ok, but for example I already used 2 of them just to turn on/off my bedroom light and another 2 to turn on/off notifications, can it be condensed in 1 single shortcut each function? I mean is just click once and turns on if it was off click again and does the opposite.

I hope we can see this soon!

Can you increase the number of Shortcuts on the Wyze band beyond 5.

5 isn’t enough to operate everything.

Or if you can’t increase shortcuts is there a way you can have a light toggle (if it is on, turn it off and vice versa). That would cut down on the number of shortcuts needed.

Ideally both increasing the number of shortcuts and adding a toggle feature in the Actions would be helpful!

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