Add a "Toggle State" option to the "Rules" section of the phone app

This is a multi-pronged feature request, encompassing the app, connected power and light products as well as the Watch.

I use my Wyze Watch to control my various light and power devices. The Watch only allows for 10 shortcuts. Currently, I use simple “ON” and “OFF” shortcuts to control light groups. This has resulted in 6 shortcuts on my Watch and I still don’t have all my rooms added. Adding more lights, and therefore light and plug groups for rooms, would consume the remaining shortcut slots on my Watch even though I would still need more than the remaining 4 shortcuts to handle all my light & power groups. This is where a “Toggle State” rule would be most useful.

A “Toggle State” option would give everyone the ability to have up to 10 light / power group shortcuts on their Watches. Since the phone app knows the state of every device in a Home, the Watch shortcut backgrounds would change from the chosen theme color to black to reflect state, giving an “at a glance” notification of which device groups are on or off. Granted, this would require the Watch to be more aggressive about syncing to the phone.


Totally agree.

I want it for a related but similar reason: just installed the new Wyze Switch.

Nice that it has one-, two-, and three-press actions.

As expected, one-press is a power toggle.

If they added power toggle as a general action, would allow the two- and three-press actions to control two other devices, rather than chewing up both actions for a single device.

And a power toggle elsewhere would also be much more useful in many situations where I already know if a light or device is on or off and simply want switch it to the other state… why should I have to remember which action is on and which action is off?

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Like redvizsla, I just installed the new Wyze Switch. I agree that a “toggle state” option would make the switch (and band/watch) much more capable. Currently, my switch controls Wyze Bulbs on the single press. The double press turns on my Christmas tree, and a triple press turns it off. Press and hold turns off multiple things.

Making the Christmas tree (on a Wyze Plug) a toggle state option on the double press would free up my triple press for something else…

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YES!! It seems very strange this is not an option right now. Having to explain the double and triple taps to family members to turn on/off a light is not easy. Wyze please fix this!

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Please make this happen.

Another vote for toggle here. I can understand where having a dedicated control for “off” and another for “on” would be good when you can’t see the current state, but for most use cases it would be much easier to use only having to remember one sequence of presses to toggle the state. Was very surprised (and disappointed) when setting the switch up to control some additional Wyze bulbs that toggle was not an option.