Wyze Band - Music playback question

I have been able to use my band to play songs on an echo without any issue but what I would like to be able to play my music on my phone while I am running. I was hoping that i could long press the band to get the amazon prompt to come up and then say "Play XXX Station on PHONE. Has anyone been able to do this or do we know if this is capable of this? Thanks!

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Unfortunately, you won’t be able to deo this because Apple devices only work with Siri commands/shortcuts.
You can use the Wyze Headphones witch in aditon to having Alexa built in, can alsso use your phone’s built-in assistant (Siri or Google).

Thanks for the reply-- I may have typed my orig post a bit confusing… i do not have an I-phone, i am on a Android. I wanted to tell the band to play music on my phone in the same manner that i tell it to play music on an echo device.

Hi acafasso,

I do not think this is possible (at this time).

I also do not think this is a band failure, I simply do not think it is an Alexa feature (90% sure - hoping I can be proven wrong).

I started my research with this web link:

I have an Amazon Echo environment in my home as well as Alexa on my Android phone. I use Amazon Music Premium.

At this time I cannot duplicate what you are asking (that would be very cool).
The reason why I do not think it is possible is that I cannot ask Alexa to play music on my phone from an Alexa device (example: Alexa… Alexa, play music on Amazon Music on my phone). When I perform this command it states that it cannot find anything called phone.

My phone is listed in my list of devices in Alexa, but you cannot assign it a name in the Alexa software. Therefore, I am assuming that you cannot command Alexa to play music on the “phone” device (unlike a TV, another Alexa, etc.).

It I ask through the band to “play some music” I get “I can’t play from Amazon Music on that device”.

I am hoping I am wrong, but I believe this is the issue.
I will post back if I find anything (or I am hoping someone else does as well).

Hope this helps.


I do believe it’s the same for Android, @jjdub1313 has a good explanation!