Wyze autounlock triggers after I've manually let myself in

Wyze lock is set to auto-unlock.

It doesn’t trigger when I’m at the door, so I use my key. Manual unlock and door opened appear in the events list.

15 minutes later, the door auto unlocks.

This is not safe.

If the door is manually opened, you should cancel the auto unlock. (I know, difficult heuristic with multiple people. )

If auto-unlocked and no one opens the door in $configurable seconds, relock.

My Lock Auto Unlocked once, while I was in the house, and I only knew so, because my wife was walking down the hall towards the laundry room where the lock is installed on the door to the garage from the laundry room.

No phones where ‘in motion’ in the house, and just like that… it unlocked for no reason whatsoever.

(my scenario did not occur after using a physical key to unlock )


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