Wyze App v2.0 Launched!

On my Android the Enable / Disable of motion detection is found under “Event Recording” in the cam’s settings…


@DreadPirateRush looks like whateverfix dev put in for shortcut history was short-lived. it came back… but now seems to be stuck again

++++1 on reverting to the old icons!
Icons should be just that, icons, not logos. Especially when the logo is a four letter word. Uggg.

How do I update my app. I downloaded it a week ago. Is it 2.0? How do I check

If you are running the v2.x app, tap the Account button, lower right, then About at the bottom. The app version is displayed below the turquoise WYZE logo in very tiny turquoise print.

Thanks. I do have 2.0. I just got cameras a week ago

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Hello. So far I am happy with my new devices!

I would love if there were a daily schedule to set up, even if it’s by grouping days together. Similar smart home apps allow you to create schedule groups, etc.

It would be ideal to disable motion detection on weekends when I’m home during work hours. I think it would be a universally appreciated addition to the app.
Thank you.

I believe you could setup what you want using shortcuts.


I have iOS 9.3.3 on my iPad and it will not load give the message “This version is not compatible with this iPad” message as many have mentioned above. There is talk of a V2.1 that is coming out. Can you tell me when this new release is coming or how I can load the older version until it does?

Sorry, 9.3.5

We can’t release Wyze App V2.1 due to the unexpected service issue. We wouldn’t want to release the app without being in a clean state. We have to postpone to next week. Sorry about that!

Note: I have an iPad 3 with iOS 9.3.5 which works fine with v2.1.


Will the never version bring back support for Chromebook installs?

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I don’t think we ever support Chromebook since we launch. Some customers may have used special app/Android simulator to get it work but we don’t officially support Chromebook. We don’t have dev resource to support all platforms…

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When will be ready the Google Assistance control? I’m setting my home with a few google chromecast and Google Home hub and I would like to view the cameras in my living room tv and master bedroom as well.

Actually I have a Google Pixelbook and just enabled the Play store. I have used Wyze installed this way on my Chromebook for months, but it broke in a recent Beta update.

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Didn’t v2.1 get released? I see it.