Wyze App v2.0 Launched!

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This current update removed the detection zone setting. This was a very important feature for me as my house faces a main road. Now, this camera is virtually useless as i am getting over 100 notifications for every car that passes by. Why did you remove that feature? So frustrated! I also purchased 3 of these for family as Christmas gifts and they haven’t installed yet. Without this feature i guess they will all be returned as this camera no longer meets our needs.

Detection zone wasn’t removed in the 2.x update. It is found at:

Gear icon > Detection Settings > Detection Zone

It may have gotten reset in a firmware update, so you may have to visit that setting again and reinstate it.

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App v 2.0,21 is out for iOS. :sunglasses:


I wonder if the latest app update fixed the problem with the app closing on its own after a few hours.

My Ipad mini can’t install 2.0.21. It says “Wyze is not compatible with this Ipad”. My Ipad is running 9.3.5, and is up to date.

I have the same problem with an iPad we have. Were you able to load any of the previous versions on it?

Yes, the Ipad is running the previous version. I don’t have it with me right now, so I can’t tell you the exact version number.

Since I can’t add cameras on my Android phone (still, even with the latest update), I rely on the Ipad to add them.

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If you get a chance. It’s a real shame I can’t get the old version loaded even if it’s unsupported.

Exact same problem here.

iOS 9.3.5? And were you able to load Wyze v2.0? It’s odd if a minor release would cause this.

It’s loaded and worked on every update till this recent one. But it seems to be a problem with other iPads that also worked before the update.

Same problem with IPad. Sent [Wyze Ticket 159045] on January 9th and haven’t heard anything yet.

Hmmm, 2.0.12 wasn’t released until Jan 8th, so which release actually stopped working with iOS 9.3.5? Unless you’re beta, you should have been having that problem under v2.0.18. @Loki, you have any information on this?

Friendly reminder to everyone that, until it can be required in a user’s profile and pulled automatically, it’s always helpful to the Wyze support team if you include relevant equip/version info whenever you post, incl. … device (phone, tablet, model), operating system/version, Wyze app version, Wyze cam type/firmware, etc. In my case, iPad Pro 9.7, iOS 12.1.1, App v 2.0.21, 4 x v2 cams, f/w v.

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My Ipad was (and is still) on 1.4.56. This is the first attempt to load a V2 update.

My bad, it was January 9th.

No, sorry, I don’t have any info on that. I did pass it along to the dev side, but apparently they haven’t responded yet.

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Good advice. Also, if in the About Me section of your profile, if you limit it to one line, it will appear when you single click the username in a post. There’s a quirk in Discourse that if the About Me has more than one line, then it shows zero info on single-click and you have to click through to the full profile to see the About Me. We’re working on trying to get that corrected.


@CaptainMark! Kudos to Wyze team for the fixes in 2.0.21. Some of these were reported less than three weeks ago. To go from development to test to production/App store in that time frame is appreciated!