Wyze app suggestion: Way to tell app Plug is first generation

I have a quick suggestion for the Wyze app in case any developers see it here. I have a few of the original Wyze Plugs and whenever I’ve had to re-add them (because I changed the wifi network info or moved), I have to wait a few minutes for the Wyze app to first search for the newer Plug models which (I think) use Bluetooth for pairing. After a few minutes an option pops up that says something like “Have an original Wyze Plug?,” which correctly looks for it via wifi. It would be great if there were a discrete button that users could tap in the first place for this scenario. Thanks!

Are you sure your using an up to date app version? On my testing the button “I got my plug befoer 2021” appears instantly, as soon as i hit “next.”


Good point! Maybe an app update over the last few months changed this. I just remember waiting for long periods of time when trying to re-add my old Plugs and saving this idea that I finally got around to sharing.

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