Wyze App V2.26.21 Old plug missing from setup

Good Morning
The new app does not appear to have the old (wifi setup) for wyze plug. Any suggestions on how to set it up?

Mine shows both wifi plugs

Deleted the App and reloaded, Still only shows the bluetooth ver to connect.
(iPhone Ver)

I can confirm this (app version 2.26.21 iOS):

Mine is the same click on the plug and mine shows 2 models,the same with the light bulb

I have tried 3 different devices with the same result.
Wyse Bulb i get the two chooses
Wyse plug only the blue tooth option
Running os15.0.2 on iPhone
V2.26.21 on Wyze App
Are you the same

Mine just goes to this:

iPhone works correctly and has you select which version you want t install. It’s running V2.25.21.

Thats what I get

maybe do not upgrade
I do not get the same on V2.26.21

I’m running a beta version of the app. Try downgrading to an earlier version like v2.25.21 since that seems to work on my iPhone.

Ok got it
If you wait on the on the setting up your plug screen for about 15 min it will flip over and ask you which plug you have. Must be a bug in the update. Hopefully it will get fixed! Thanks for your help

Just contacted support. “solution” is to wait for timeout then the 2 options will show up. Just installed my 14th old style plug this way. Will be receiving 6 new bluetooth plugs tomorrow :slight_smile:

Strange the app developer hide the option this way causing confusion among users and wasting support resources.

Below is the line from support chat
(09:22:11 PM) Daisy T.: Thank you for waiting. Just follow the process and let it time out. After timing out it will give option for the old setup.

Not intuitive and not user friendly. Why change from showing both as selection in setup? What’s next: Install sensor…wait…oh, you want to install a motion sensor, not a contact sensor. Or WyzeCam 3 vs 2…

Poor design.

Great we dumped all wyze plugs due to after a power failure or internet connection drops the plugs will not re connect…unless you unplug it and plug it back in,poor design we went with govee wifi plugs more advanced than wize and it uses the smart home app