Wyze App Shuts Down Every Few Minutes. (Android)

It’s always something with Wyze cameras. Today, the (Android) app just shuts down every few minutes. The IOS app is fine. Restart the app – wait s few minutes - it shuts down. This is a new one for me. Usually, the cameras disconnect regularly, but now it’s the app. I know it’s my fault… my WIFI… my network… too far from the router… too many walls…need a mesh system… yep. Just wondering if anyone else’s app is shutting down for no reason. running as expected. No issues other than known bugs already reported.

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I have only experienced this issue when trying to run the Wyze app on Windows 11 earlier this year. I assumed it was an emulation issue though since Windows Android emulation is in beta testing and active development.

I actively view a lot of posts on this forum and haven’t noticed a recent pattern of others experiencing this yet.

Some things that might help to figure this out:

  • Which Wyze App version are you running (go to account tab then select “About”)?
  • What Android Version (open settings, select about phone, see Android version & also build number)?
  • What manufacturer and Model Phone?
  • When did this start happening?

One thing I would try if it were me experiencing this is to:

  • Hold down on the Wyze app icon,
  • Select App Info.
  • Select Storage and Cache.
  • I would clear the storage/data.
  • Then I would uninstall the app,
  • Then I would reboot my phone,
  • Then I would reinstall the Wyze app

I would hope that would help to clear out any possible abnormality.

I would also consider running a scan on my phone’s memory to see if there is a bad data sector it can fix or bypass. I’ve seen this happen in the past to cause similar issues to other programs, so it is a possibility there is a bad sector that the data got written onto.

I hope some of that helps. Let us know if anything you try helps so we have an idea of what to suggest to others in the future looking for similar help.