WYZE app scheduled rule

Maybe this has been answered elsewhere, but I’m feeling lazy. Forgive me if this has been addressed. I’m going to present a scenario followed by several question.

Within the Android version of the WYZE app:

  • Created a new schedule rule set to execute daily at 2am
    • Add several V3 cameras with action “Restart the camera”

Here are the question:

  1. If the phone is powered off, will the scheduled rule run?
  2. If the phone is powered on, but I am not logged into the WYZE app will the scheduled rule run?
  3. If the phone is powered on and I’m logged into the app, but the phone is in airplane mode, will the scheduled rule run?
  4. If I uninstall the WYZE app from my powered on Android phone, will the scheduled rule run?
  5. (Similar to 2): If I use the Android apps function to clear all data associated with the WYZE app and never logon to the app, will the scheduled rule run?

Thank you for your time,

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The answers to all questions is yes. Cam restart schedules are stored in and executed from the cloud.


That’s awesome news and exactly what I was hoping to hear. Thanks for your super fast response!


No problem. :+1: The rules are effective until you delete or disable (turn off) them. You can destroy your phone and they’ll still run. The rule schedules are tied to your Wyze account (email address) in the cloud so you can manage (edit, delete, disable, enable, create) them from any device that is logged on to your account.

Some Wyze devices with BLE technology can also save the schedules locally via Local Schedules. These too will run independently from your phone/tab, but the schedules are saved in device memory vs the cloud so the schedules run with no Internet connection. You can access this type of local schedule via Wyze app Home > your device > Settings > Schedules. Examples of this type of BLE device is Wyze Plug 2021 and Plug Outdoor. Recent lighting products also have (had) this feature, but a bug wiped the setting.