Disabled Rule Still Runs

I’ve opened two tickets and had several chats on this issue and…to troubleshoot…I’ve cleared the app cache, cleared the app data, removed and re-added the camera and deleted and re-created the rule. Nothing has worked so far.

When I got the Wyze Cam Pan v2 last September, I created four rules that run on a schedule. Around mid-September I didn’t need the rules running any more so I disabled all of them. A few days/weeks/months later I noticed that two of the rules…the one that turns the camera on at night, and the one that turns it off in the morning…were still running, even though they were disabled. Even odder, none of the activity for the disabled rules appear in the History tab

Opened a ticket with Support, did all of the troubleshooting steps and submitted the requested logs. The last communication was this:
“We will collate all your observations and information as well as your app log for analysis and patching. While we don’t have an update yet, our engineering team will be looking into this and we hope to see this resolved in an upcoming firmware update.”

Has anyone else run into a similar issue? Were you able to fix it? If so, how?

Then are you sure those rules are actually running

Can you post screen captures of the rules?

I am sure…because when I check in on the camera at night it is on. I check it again when the morning turn-off rule fires, and it’s off.

Even odder: motion tracking and tagging is on, but it is not tracking or tagging anything. I have a dog with GI issues, and the camera should be firing/recording events when she has accidents, but nothing.

Will post AM rule as soon as I have time…

@K6CCC Here’s a screenshot of the disabled AM rule for turning the camera off, and two screenshots showing the camera on at 4:54 AM and another showing the camera off at 4:55. Additionally I’m including a screenshot of the Rules History

UPDATE: separate posts for the above because new user restrictions

Disabled Rule

Camera Shots On

Camera Shots Off

Rules History (NOTE: LR-On and LR-Off are shortcuts)

I would post a screenshot of the Livingroom - Night On rule, but I deleted it yesterday afternoon, hoping that deleting the rule would stop it from running. Unfortunately it did not.

I’ll see if I have an older screenshot and post it.

Found it. Here are details of the PM rule:

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What are the actions on all your shortcuts?

@Omgitstony They are the same as the schedules, they provide a way to manually perform the scheduled actions if I need to.

The problem is with the schedules though, not the shortcuts. And both the deleted Livingroom - Night Off, and the disabled Livingroom - Morning On are still running.

Photos of cam off at 8:14 PM then on at 8:15 PM showing that the deleted rule schedule Livingroom - On is still running

Photo of rule history, which recorded nothing for the disabled/deleted rule schedules firing yesterday or today:

(NOTE: LR - Off and LR - On are shortcuts for manually triggering camera actions on as needed basis)

Has anyone run into this…or a similar…issue?

Other than waiting for a firmware/software update to fix the problem (hasn’t happened yet) I’m at a loss as to 1) what to do or 2) how to troubleshoot, other than uninstalling/reinstalling the app, removing/re-adding cam to app, and/or deleting/re-adding rule schedules. All of which I’ve already done.

Installed latest firmware and problem still happening :rage:

I do see a shiny new set of smart detections though…all of which are useless without CamPlus :rage:

Could you please pass me a device log for that panv2? Thanks!
For rules what time you set to turn on or off. And what is your time zone?

I can generate a device log but I can’t “pass” one to you, unless you know a way to get the log output

My time zone is CST and the rule times are in this post, directly above.

If you post the log number that displays after you submit a log in the app, @WyzeDesmond can use that # to access the submitted info and investigate.

@WyzeDesmond: Log #989348