Wyze app on ipad instantly crashes

A couple of days ago, they issued a statement saying it was “a top priority to get this issue fixed”.
In business, they call that “PR-101”.

Hello wyze

Been a consumer for more than 5 years now.

I am having issues opening up my iPad mini version 12.5.5

Restarted the whole iPad to factory settings

The wyze app is still not working.

Plese update/fix your app so I can have my app working again.


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Same here. Too bad we don’t hear from Wyze support on when to expect a fix.

Is there any way to @ them here so they can see our issue


I just emailed support.

I too emailed support but they said no ETA for fix yet.

Yup. iPad Pro still works but older iPhone 6+ stopped working with Wyze app right after the update. Not too happy!

I have the same problem, Wyze app crashes when I try to open the app on iPhone 6+ IOS 12.5.5 So I can’t see any of my 6 cameras :rage:

Same here with the iPhone 6, newer iOS on my iPad can see the cameras. Hopefully when Wyze staff comes back to work tomorrow, they can patch this problem because being down this long is unacceptable.

Same here on old iPad mini with iOS 12.5.5

This isn’t the first app to not support iOS 12, and won’t be the last.
All I ask is for Wyze to provide a stable working version for iOS 12, and then provide enhancements for the newer Apple products. This would allow us to continue to use our Wyze products, and provide an incentive for us to upgrade to newer products if and when we decide. I’m perfectly happy with my iPhone 6 and iPad, both running iOS 12, but can no longer use my Wyze cameras, thermostats, and scale !!

All I ask is that they actually TEST an update before they release it. They should have an old iPad laying around the office running 12.5.5… install the updated app and see if it runs. Instead, thousands of us running 12.5 are without our cameras.

When will this be released? Thanks

My prediction: It should appear in the AppStore within 24 hours. I just booted up my old iPhone 6+ to give it time to warm up😜

Edit: Just appeared in the Appstore

They just released an update for iOS 12 issues:

Let me know if it works lol. Away from my ipad

My iPhone 13 sees the update but not my iPhone 6+.

Even updates are slow to appear in the Appstore for older device. Apple is doing everything to change our old device Lol

iPhone6 working now, it only took them what? About a week to fix a 10 min problem

Excellent news!