Wyze app on Android draining battery in background

In the last week or two, the app has started really chewing through my battery when the app isn’t being used. I can go to the battery usage settings and the Wyze app is the number one battery usage app by a large margin, even over the operating system. The app isn’t open and I haven’t used it in hours, yet it is still chewing through my battery.

V2.50.2 (442)

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Check 2 settings:

  1. in the app go to Account>AppSettings and make sure Enable Hardware Decorder is off and Running in the background is off. Note: This is my setting

  2. Long Press on the app and choose App Info, scroll down to Battery and set it to Unrestricted.

By having it set this way, you will still receive notifications, but the battery drain will be less. I have a Pixel 8 and a Samsung Pro +, both of which end the day with excess of 50% battery remaining. The Wyze app uses .3% in my case and I get hundreds of notifications a day.

My App Version is: 2.50.1 (441)

I am having the same problem. It just started on April 21st. I have the two settings set the way you describe. My app version is 2.50.2 (442)

Having this same problem running the Wyze app on my MacBook Air to monitor and control a Wyze Thermostat -firmware version 1.2.8. The app draws the battery down very rapidly if left running in the background. Left running overnight the Mac battery is guaranteed to be fully discharged by sunrise.

I’m not seeing this on Android 14 with the same app version. It could technically be Android OS version or device specific but if someone is seeing it happen on a MacBook and someone is seeing it on Android… it has the appearance of being related to a feature, setting, or update problem perhaps.

I’m having same significant issue as of early May that started in mid-late April. 20% of battery use at end of day is from Wyze with less than 1 minute screen on time. 17 hrs of background running, 9 hrs of CPU time with 0 minutes screen time, 0 wake locks and 0 wake ups. Galaxy S23 Ultra currently running

I have not added any new devices or changed my usage of the app. Have tried clearing the cache and adjusting app background usage to optimized and still having issues if not set to Restricted. Would like to get back to previous ability to not have app restricted to stop battery drain.