Wyze App not installing on Android phone

Hi all

I had the Wyze app installed on my Android phone without any issues since buying my pan cam in July of this year. A few weeks back the app disappeared from my phone and I tried reinstalling it without any luck. When I heard a new version of the app was coming out I was hopeful that the issue would be resolved.

I’ve tried to install the latest version of the app today but without any success.

I’m currently running Android 7.0 on my phone. I’ve cleared my Google Playstore cache and data but still nothing.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Could you please provide some specifics?

  • Brand and model of the phone
  • Cell carrier
  • Your location

Keep in mind that this forum is primarily a user to user community. If you don’t get a helpful reply here, please file a Support Request.

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Hi there

I’m based in Cape Town, South Africa. My cell carrier is a local company called Cell C. The device I’m using is a rugged phone the Doogee S60 Lite.

The Wyze app was running fine from June when I purchased my pan cam to about the beginning of December and then I couldn’t install it from the Google app store anymore.

The app is still installed on a secondary Samsung S10 and it functions fine on that device.

I suspect is is more than likely that there is some app incompatibility with my phone and the Android 7.0 its running.

On a regular browser where you have signed in with your Google account, try going to “https://play.google.com/”, and search for the Wyze app there. If it is available to you, it should tell you if it is compatible with your device. Your results may vary in South Africa going to that site.

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