Wyze app malfunction

In the monitoring tab of my Wyze app it says I need to complete set up. I have already set up my system and have been using it for a month. When I called customer support they told me it’s a glitch, don’t complete the set up, and will be fixed. That was 5 days ago and no resolve. My husband can use the app just fine (but I am the main account holder). I can use the key pad but again, I can’t use the monitoring tab which is a vital part (Yes I’ve logged out, yes I’ve deleted the app and redownloaded). Meanwhile my last problem was never fixed. Starting to feel like Wyze may not be the system for us. HELP!

This was an issue caused by a recent outage I believe. @spamoni4 or @carverofchoice (I don’t remember who had the ongoing issue, sorry) could provide more details.

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Yeah, the latest finding is that it is okay to complete the setup, and you won’t lose all your settings. Go ahead and do it now. It will fix the issue and your stuff should all be fine, but double check your settings again just to be sure.

(as for who experienced this, spamoni4 experienced this most recently, but I had almost the SAME thing happen a month or so earlier before everyone else).


Thanks for responding :slight_smile: