Wyze app log out ask for credentials

Wyze app log off and ask for credentials. Put them the app log but log off it self and close the app. All of this after app updated ot self today. It just me or some one have the same isse?


Same issue. Assuming a Wyze server issue.

Same issue yesterday and again right now. Today it logged in and NO Devices found.

Yep, They must be having an issue. Logged in and got the 2-factor authentication code. Put it in and it just says failed. Tried it again and said “Failed to update shortcut list” then shutdown.

Same problem. I got a message saying something like it couldn’t connect to server

Same issue. How fix?

WOW kinda sucks I start paying for a service and it gets worse not better


Same here. Latest iOS version (also didn’t work before that)

I’m guessing this is why I can’t get the app to work. Picked a hell of a day to try and set up my camera for the first time.

Same problem here. Come on Wyze! Give an update of what is going on.

It’s now working for me

Now it working.


This sucks!! I can’t use any of my lights, scale, Alexa integration…

Same thing here. Logged me out, doesn’t load a device list, locks up… Man, this company has its head in its hind end! There’s more friggin’ problems with this hardware than anyone should have to tolerate. Annoying AF. A few weeks ago they broke device groupings then waited a couple WEEKS (not a day or two, max) to push a fix. And now I have to go delete ‘ reinstall a bulb this latest server crash or whatever has borked. Except, the app is so unstable right now I can’t even reinstall a stupid light bulb.
Nice work Wyze, no wonder Reddit spends most Wyze threads recommending other brands.


It rings really hollow when a company flag-waves people to invest in its ecosystem but has a third world digital infrastructure. Just sayin’.

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Welll… It’s not working again

Logged me out, sent me 2FA code, then sent me back to the sign in page. Three f*cking times.
This is absolutely unacceptable.

Must be problems with their ad server. App finally opens and first thing I get is vacuum ad blocking my access to video.