Wyze App is only showing 20 videos max for the day

I was hoping signing up for Plus would allow for more than 20 videos showing up for a day under Events. However, once it hits 20, the oldest one is removed from the list. Is there a way to store more?

I don’t currently have an SD card in the base, but I have one coming today. Would this allow for more 20 videos to show up at a time?

Lastly, I read somewhere that videos have to be a specific length to automatically back them up to the SD card. Something like 12 seconds max. Is this correct and if they are larger do I have to manually back them up? Would much rather it be automatic because who has the time to manually move things to the SD card.

No, nothing gets removed. Just keep scrolling.

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What camera are you using?

Like @Customer said, keep scrolling down. When you get to the bottom, hold and drag up, more will populate on the bottom of that day. Your cloud videos are stored for 14 days. Sd cards will allow you to have a local storage and save footage for a time dependant on your settings and sd card size. Cloud storage and local storage are operated independent of each other. The settings of one do not affect the settings of the other.

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Yeah, it would make sense to add “Load More” verbiage at the bottom of the list… like most apps would do… to indicate there are more assets to view.

There is, as you scroll. Same as with many web sites (e.g., Google Images) and apps. I suppose it could be more obvious, as you’re not the first person to miss it.