Access older Camplus videos in Wyze app

So I have cam plus on all my Camera’s. When I go to view recorded events, I can see part of the current day. So to access older stored video’s it is supposed to be a long pull up in the app correct? My app will not bring up the older video, it just sits there and clocks until I get tired and let go. This is an issue. Is there a fix? Am I doing it wrong? Do other people have this issue?


I use the iOS app. I just put my finger on the screen and swipe up and it will bring up all videos events up back time O;00 of the day selected.

And on Android: Select the date you want.

To get another group of events on the date selected. scroll from bottom up.

If I have events off the bottom, I just lift up until the buffer wheel shows up, which is just a sec and then let go. The events below then populate.

As has been said previously, all you have to do is drag up just a little to get the little arrow wheel and let go.

But, when you get to the bottom (the very first video recorded that day) it won’t let you go any farther. You are at the end of that day’s video.

Note: if you think there should be more Event Videos in the list, check your filters (funnel icon) and insure that all the cams and event types you want to see have been checked. Clicking clear all will remove all filters and show everything in the list.

You have to select the date at the top to go to the day prior or any within the last 14.