Wyze App Freezes After Clicking Rules To Turn ON/OFF Multiple Cameras

I have 31 cams and 30+ other devices installed. 16 cams are ON 24/7. When I click the rule to turn ON the other 15 cams, the app freezes and I cannot scroll the rules list @ the top nor scroll up/down the long device list. Have to wait about 30 seconds until the 15 cams’ status circles turning all green ON before I can scroll rules/devices smoothly. App freezes the same way if I turn OFF those 15 cams. On the other hand, if I click rules to turn on/off motion detection of all 31 cams, the freeze is less pronounced. It feels like the app is downloading a lot of data from Wzye servers causing the app to freeze when turning multiple cameras on/off using rules.

There is no such cam on/off freeze problem for app version 2.16.23 or earlier. Started noticing this freeze problem from version 2.18.18 onwards. I have one phone having the 2.16.23 version installed and the app has no freezing problem. I have my main phone and multiple other phones all have the latest version 2.19.14 installed. The Wyze app freezes in all those phones when cam on/off rules are clicked.

The freezing problem existing even if my phone is connected to mobile data or public xfinity wifi.

I have all my Wyze cams and devices connected to 1 main and 4 AP wifi routers/extender. And I reboot the routers regularly to smooth things up or when I notice sluggishness when loading cams. I only have first 4 cams grouped and all other cams are clicked to stream individually.

There is also one other bug which is the app fails to load cam after loading 25 cams. I have to force kill the app to load the 26th, 27th etc. Previously the bug popped up at loading the 11th cam, but the app fails to load the 26th cam now. However this bug is not too inconvenient and I have get used to it.

I am thinking to cancel my ~$300 HMS order due to this app problem since I think the app may NOT be able to handle more devices. Tried to cancel the order but was asked to call support.

I have submitted log few times and no response yet. The latest ones are :

Ticket ID: 164351 (March 25 2021)

Ticket ID: 180087 (April 11 2021)

Moderators, please help to draw some of Wzye support attention to this app freeze bug when using rule to turn on/off multiple cams. Thanks!

I would try calling support for both issues, however I will see if I can get some eyes on your ticket numbers, if you would like to attempt calling you can try at the numbers below.

WYZE Support

Live support is available:


Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT

Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT


I have also noticed the app behaving oddly as if it is "thinking " quite hard when performing. you are not alone in that.

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Thanks! This is great to know you also observe similar issue with the app.
Few other observations of the app’s “thinking” hard :

I hope support will figure out what is happening. Looks like the app is downloading or updating a lot of stuff before getting out of the freeze :frowning:

Thanks for your reply. I will call support later if the app freeze issue is not resolved or at least being recognized shortly. Just got reply from Bam that he also notices the app is “thinking” quite hard when performing. Hope you folks the moderators will convey this issue to the support. It is quite frustrating. Like I said the app failing to load cam after loading 25 cams is not that inconvenient but waiting almost half a minute for the app to get out of the freeze state every time I click cam on/off rules is quite annoying. And I am afraid adding the ~$300 HMS system to the app will make things worse. That is why I tried to cancel my HMS order but was asked to call support.!

hey, just a thought, im not sure of the impact it will have. try clearing the cache and see if that gives you any better performance ( in the short run at least) I wonder if there isn’t a HUGE log file that is impacting it because it’s having to scan everything each time or something like that. just a thought on something to try.

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Thanks Bam! Actually I tried clearing cache multiple times, both inside the app and from app info → Storage → Clear Cache. The app runs faster for a while but slows down again shortly afterwards. Even thumbnail refresh sometimes takes few seconds to complete after ending a cam streaming. And it takes half a minute to have all my 15 cams controlled by ON/OFF rules to have their green ON/OFF status circles settled after being turned on/off and having the app out of the freeze state.

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more than likely it is a “thinking” process issue, but I am curious, what phone are you using?

mine is a bit outdated and I have somewhat blamed my stuttering on that ( available memory and such)

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Thanks a lot, Bam. I tried clearing cache again but this time I didn’t stream cams but click ON and OFF rule buttons right away. The buttons flash smoothly and I can scroll the device list smoothly. It still takes some time for the ON/OFF status buttons to be updated for some cams but this happened before.

Looks like the thumbnails are causing the app slow down, starting from version 2.18.18. Version 2.16.23 or earlier version didn’t have this issue. Please convey this to support.

Please refer to this video taken right after clearing cache. The button flashes smoothly and I can scroll the device list smoothly :slight_smile:

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yup I think we are in the same boat. i think part if it is the app and reading the large files as both of us ( you winning by far) have many devices, but another is that we are using slightly outdated equipment when takes place about 1 day after buying a phone. so it is a cascading form of factors for both of us i believe.

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Hello Hason, did you get a response from support regarding this app freeze problem after clicking rules to turn multiple cameras on or off yet? Thanks a lot for your help!

I apologize, I had talked to you on the weekend and forgot to push this up and see if I can have someone look into it, I will do that right now.

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No problem at all, Jason. Know you folks are very busy helping many other Wyze users. Thanks again!!

Jason got Wyze eyes here!

Logs go directly to the devs and support doesn’t have access to them. The devs almost never reply to logs. I’m going to send this over to the dev side to get their thoughts on this. I know of people with more devices in their app so it may be something else going on but I’m not sure. We’ll find out! :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot, really appreciate you folks’ help!
Reattached my device list, HMS order and latest floor lamp order for your reference. My HMS order is not shipped out yet probably due to the number of additional sensors ordered. The 1st hand vacuum has been shipped and the 2nd later. You can tell I am a big fan of Wyze and heavy user of Wyze products !!

Hello Jason, could you help to check with support any update ? Thanks a lot for your help!!

I apologize, I have been a bit behind lately, I will reach out tomorrow and see if there is any info.

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No problem at all! Thanks for your help!

Received my HMS system with additional sensors and keypads on Wed(4/28). Haven’t set the system up yet since I am afraid the app may slow down more with additional devices. Actually I have called support on Mon(4/26) about this issue in additional to 2 other issues, one issue with the app failing to stream cameras after the 25th camera was streamed.

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I’ll poke on this again! I got confirmation of the receipt of my report but I haven’t heard back.

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