Wyze App Feature Request? Restart all cameras with one click?

Is this feature already present on the app? I can’t seem to find it.


Sort of, you can MAKE this feature yourself!

Open the Wyze app

Click the plus sign

Select “Add Rule”

Select Shortcut


Name the Button you’re making and select the plus sign for Add Action


Now Select each of your cameras in turn and choose the action “Restart the camera”

Save it and add each of your cameras this way until you have all of them set up to restart with this shortcut then save it:

Now all you have to do is press that fancy new shortcut you created, and whenever you press it, it will restart every single camera you added there just as you wanted. :+1:

Enjoy. :slight_smile:


That is a warm boot, and doesn’t require any other hardware. You can also do a cold boot by cycling the power to the camera, but that requires a smart plug on every camera. They don’t have to be Wyze Plugs.

If you want to further automate it, you can create a rule or a schedule that does the warm or cold boot every day at a certain time. Here is an example of a rule that does a cold boot using Wyze Plugs every day at 4:30 AM:


I also have a Warm Reboot \ Reset Shortcut Rule button:

And I have all my cams plugged into non-Wyze plugs. Alexa power cycles them for me on a rolling schedule of Routines every night. Or, I can also do a group power cycle on all of them thru Alexa or Google Home group controls.


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Thank you Mavens!


Feel free to ask questions or for help anytime! :+1:

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Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @lonetiger! :raising_hand_man:

Not much info to go on with a one word post. But I will try to name that tune in one word…

This topic is for information on how to get the app to restart all cams with the press of a button.

If you are looking for an App Lock feature, that feature has already been requested. you can find that #wishlist request by following the link, voting at the top, dropping some like :heart: hearts on posts, and adding your own post in reply at the bottom.

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