Wyze app dark mode looks great

Yeah, I had to turn it off, the colors are hosed in numerous apps

dang, doesnt apply on wyze with lg v20.
was already set for dark mode

This will depends on phone manufacturer’s and custom ROMs’ implementations. Mine is Huawei and even with developer’s mode enable, I couldn’t find any settings for “dark mode”.

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Dang, I was getting hyped for switching to dark mode on the app. It is definitely needed. It is often difficult to read the small text and the playback highlights.


So lets ask for dark mode… obviously this is a feature that can be added.

You can vote for it here. :slight_smile:

It is not a settings in the WYZE App. In android go to Settings, Then go to Accessibility. Scroll down to Color inversion and slide the tab over. Bear in mind that this changes everything on your phone. Calendars, texts messages, EVERYTHING. So if you do it, remember to increase brightness level to max and kill the auto dimming feature. ALSO, on the slide down from the top to reveal the quick choices, the Invert Colors icon will be there so you can get back easily… with only two swipes.

Not color inversion, that’s different.
That is reversing the spectrum color wheel.
Accessibility>Vision>High Contrast Screen - toggle it.
Buuuuuut, doesnt work on mine (LG V20) for wyze, but some other apps, yes.

Unfortunately it was originally asked for in November 2018. :frowning:

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I found mine under developer options while on Android 10.


I just Forced Dark Mode and it looks great!


Unfortunately this phone is android 8.
Unless rooted, & not worth the effort & risk now


And again2 days ago.

ThE developers are DEAF

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Only on 10, not on 8 or 9.

We need it in the APP.

They can stop touting new products, I’m not buying in further until they make the app more user friendly. Weve not even seen an attempt at dark mode in any betas


do they not have it on ios ?

Works on Android 11

That’s not my concern, if IOS has it, i highly doubt they have optimized that app.

I tried “developer mode” on android 10 & 11 which works for several of the menus but gives highly inconsistent results in the varied modules.

Not only that, but relying on a system wide implementation of a non-standard mode whacks out a variety of apps that have a native dark mode. Black boxes with black text. That was an exercise in futility.

I just recieved a reply " were looking into it"

I recieved that same BS reply nemerous times going on 2 years.

They admitted back then to using a highly outdated coding method. “Need to switch…” the app v3 will have it.

Has anyone been offered a beta of v3?


Only in Developer mode.
That is not a viable solution as it effects all apps, some in a bad way.

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3 years of Wyze has taught me that they really have no intentions of being around long term.
Their goal seems to be to push as many products as possible and only modify the software enough to support the added products.


pffft…I strongly disagree…they haven’t added a dark mode so they have no intentions of being around long term?..that’s just ignorance.

from their last email:

We have more than 150 engineers working to improve our products every day. There’s still a lot of improvements in the works!