WYZE App/Awful

I wish that the founders of WYZE realized the fact that their app is NOT user friendly. If they would look at it from a consumer’s viewpoint (instead of an engineer’s) they would see the absolute absurdity of it. I ordered (3) cameras and purchased Cam Plus for all (3).
Does WYZE automatically put it (Cam Plus) on the cameras? No! Instead you have to look all over the app for “Credits” and manually apply the credits. Guess what? You get (3) months free for purchasing a camera and it goes to one of the cameras, therefore you can’t apply the (1) year subscription until the (3) months is up (unless you want to give up the free (3) months. Stupid! Plus, it took me having to call WYZE to find all this out. The agent would never have figured it out herself if I had not mentioned I purchased Cam Plus for all (3) cameras and one came with (3) free months.
On top of it all there is a message telling you to reset certain parameters after you figure out how to add Cam Plus. Questions: Why doesn’t WYZE automatically add Cam Plus and reset the Parameters. It’s just one thing after another in regards to the app.
WYZE, you have the best cameras I’ve seen and at a good price, but you app has got to be more user friendly or you will lose customers. In today’s world you don’t have to put up with incompetence. There are companies that are using common sense and make things perform for a customer, not their engineers.

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First, I am not with Wyze, just a customer like you. The reason the CamPlus subcrriptions aren’t automatically applied is because there isn’t any easy way to determine which camera(s) you want it on. Many of us have significant numbers of cameras and not all have CamPlus.


Good point Bill. I recently bought four V3 cameras that each came with a month of CamPlus (which I largely don’t use). I applied all four free monthly CamPlus subscriptions to some of my existing cameras. None went to the new cameras.

Same here, I just got 2 more V3s and I didn’t activate the Cam Plus offers.

I dont use the cam plus at all. I dont want them auto applied. That would be an awful idea.

I have had zero issues with the app and I use the beta. Seems like a pebkac problem.


Hey guys, read all of the review. It’s not just about auto applying the Cam Plus! It’s the app in general!

It probably is about the app but most of the comments are about CamPlus.

The way Wyze handles the cam plus subscription allows you to easily move the membership between cams. I like how they’ve done it.

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