Wyze app 2.44 - Released 8/1/2023

Major connectivity issues with Android App Production Release 2.44

I ran the 2.44 Beta RC and had no connectivity issues. All cams loaded very quick into group live stream and individual live stream.

Updated to Production release and most cam streams freeze at “Loading Live Stream” while in group and fail to load Live Stream. It will load the first group, however all group Live Streams after that just hang at “Loading Live Stream”.

Uninstalled 2.44 app and installed from APK, no issues. Near instantaneous loads of all cams in all groups.

Updated via Google Play to 2.44, issue with freezing and stalling Live Stream loads immediately returned.

Uninstalled 2.44 and reinstalled, issue fixed again.

Something changed between the 2.44 Beta RC and the 2.44 Production.


You should make dark theme in the entire app like the Ring app. Why you only add dark theme in Livestream and events?The white color in the app is super annoying…

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Hey doc

App Production Releases are sometimes dictated by firm product launch dates? App v2.44 & Battery Cam Pro, in this case. Can’t set up the new cam without the new app kinda thing. Just speculating. :man_shrugging:

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Read up from here:

The plot thickens. :wink:

Your are correct another great iOS update. Go to events, nothing, tap on 2 August button- Events. This was my iPad. I never learn and I am frustrated with the iOS app updates every time.


Wyze just posted an App HotFix.

I got the new iOS app and there is no fix in it for my post above, (Current day events not shown) unless you manually tap the current day button which I had to do again after I got the new app. I think they fix the group thing but I do use groups.


Just seems like every update for iOS has a bug. Is Wyze not testing the update first? The iOS updates shouldn’t always have bugs with each release. Come on Wyze!


Great but can you get the basics working again? V3 cams haven’t been able to view recordings for 6 months now and we’re all waiting for a fix!!!


Still not working correctly after the first update to fix 2.44 …
Playback is toast, the green tabs
come and go, it’s ridiculous. Still have to hit the previous date then the current date button to see the snips. It you hit play back you end up in the twilight zone. Please fix it and stop sending out broken updates.


This release seems to have a lot of problems! The calendar doesn’t show right in dark mode.

This release seems very 1/2 baked. How does one downgrade?

Depends…if you have iOS, you can’t (thanks Apple :roll_eyes: ).
If you have Android, you can pull up any number of APK mirroring sites and load any older version of the Wyze app. I often use this one:


Same for Android.

I noticed the battery icon when in landscape mode on IOS doesn’t display the entire percentage, even though there is plenty of room to do so.

Also, the spotlight button has been missing for days.


Is this on this version of the 2.44 app or on one of the hotfix version.


2.44.0 (4)

Well I’m on 2.44.1 (1) and mine shows the full battery percentage in landscape. And to the right of that the next icon should be the resolution, which yours isn’t showing. Did you on the latest camera firmware, which is

But what I want to know is, when will the issue of not showing recorded events unless the date icon is pressed with iOS devices?

I’m still experiencing issues with my camera group , some v3’s will get stuck on the “loading live stream” page and also some never load in the group. I have to remove the camera from the group, and then it’ll load but if I add it back to the group it won’t load

And spotlight connectivity issues as well, one v3 with the spotlight accessory all week forgets the spotlight accessory and I have to restart the camera for the spotlight to come on and for the camera to recognize the accessory

And also I keep receiving camera notifications with no included thumbnails when on wifi and data

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My screenshot is for a battery cam pro. Could you include a screenshot for yours? I have never seen a resolution picker on this cam either.

Yes, I knew you were talking about the Battery Cam Pro, so was I. You didn’t say what camera firmware yours is on. But here’s a picture with the resolution icon circled.