Wyze App 2.28, Cam Plus Lite, and Wyze Plug CFH Firmware Released! 2/28/22

Same observation.


@muerte33 and @Seapup, could you please submit logs? I’ll tell the team.

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Already sent and posted in beta firmware topic. :+1:

Log ID: 487830


Thank you kindly! :heart:

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Note: Wyze Plug firmware is being paused as we look into reports of connectivity not being improved by this update and plugs that stop responding after updating. Some regain function a day or two later but others are still unresponsive. If this has happened to you, please reach out to Wyze Customer Support.


Happy to. The quote was from the Wyze customer rep in my most recent ticket.

My Wyze Android app has been unable to play video from my Video Doorbell since 2 July 2021. It continually responds with “Error (code 09): Failed to fetch the video from the cloud.” I can, however, “share” the event video with the Android VLC app, which downloads and plays it just fine. (The Wyze app can play video from my six other cameras fine. It is only the Video Doorbell event videos which will not play.)

The details of the issue are in the tickets I referenced:
Tickets 1320187, 1360202, and 1435436

Please let me know if you need additional information.

Good morning @WyzeGwendolyn
I find it interesting if you go into this Beta thread; starting at post 7 you will find a lot of BETA testers that reported issues with WYZE Plug 2021 firmware version Clearly that version had never resolved the disconnecting issue while in BETA. Yet for some reason well beyond my understanding, the firmware was pushed out as an official release. It even included release notes stating the problem was addressed.

Could you please help me understand why known bad firmware was released and touted as the fix?

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I have a V3 camera that I updated and can’t get it to reconnect. I even tried to manually re flash. After a few minutes the camera just reboots itself.

Yep just had one of my plugs running on the newest .179 firmware drop offline. Other 2 plugs still functioning normally. Will reset it and expect that to fix it. Really hoping Wyze comes up with a legit fix for these plugs soon. There just seems to be a connectivity issue with these plugs specifically. My Wyze cams, light strip, switches, and bulbs never drop offline.

Log: 491114

This whole thank sucks. If I wanted to pay a subscription for every camera I would just use security monitoring. Also you want to sell something that does not work. Please stay with your core business model. Don’t mess it up. I love using Wyze.

You do not need to pay a subscription for Cam Plus Lite


I was supposed to be grandfathered in for all this stuff. Bait and switch?

It isn’t a bait and switch, it is still free, and if you were grandfathered in to the Legacy Person Detection you should have been automatically switched to Cam Plus Lite


There was nothing automatic about it. 12s videos were gone from this afternoon. It now seems to be restored.

Why does my app (iOS) now say WyzeBeta? I’m not signed up for beta.

They forgot to rename it when they transitioned it to Production.


Thanks. Guess everything is fine then? I saw that they said a fix was in place but I’m not able to update the app again.

Should straighten itself out by the next update.

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@WyzeGwendolyn, it’s been a couple of weeks since I provided the information you requested. Has there been any update on this issue? Do you need additional information?

Good morning:

We are coming up on a month without any updates regarding this matter. Could you please check in with your various teams and provide your community with an update?

Thank you kindly,

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