Wyze Android GPS location access

Maybe it has something to do with the Emergency button. Is that out of beta yet?

Let me make sure I’m absolutelty clear in why I’m asking this question and why it’s important to understand the FULL use of fine location based use within the wyze app.

While some “features” may require the use of fine location data, there APPEARS to be way more use of that location data then what is being claimed by Wyze.

For example, fine location is used for several other modules withint he app such as

  1. Facebook places (use unknown at this time)
  2. Paypay (use unknown based on code)
  3. kount (an anti fraud module)
    *4) appboy Campaign logging * which “appears” to be using fine location for Ad based purposes.

“### Appboy Is Now Braze™ - Build Campaigns That Listen‎
E-mail, Push, In-App: Find Your Customers Where They Want To Hear You”

So again I go back to my original question to Wyze, please explain why it’s required, and for ALL PURPOSES that that fine based location it used in the wyze App.


I suggest you contact WYZE support. This is a user forum.



The Wyze Lock has ‘auto-unlock’ feature which is partly triggered by your phone’s location. I am pretty sure it needs GPS info when calculating phone location. I am pretty sure Wyze app doesn’t track GPS info for camera connection.


Just from my own education, I presume you discovered this by decompiling the APK?

I know they mention Braze in this thread, if that helps…


I’m inclined to think it just synchronizes your time stamped timezone to the video, your device, and their server. These devices are in many time zones.

The cameras sync time with your phone.

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Location tracking info worth money.

The wyze lock has an auto unlock feature that uses geofencing. When you leave your house, and come back within a certain radius of your house, the door can unlock automatically. This requires GPS and Bluetooth to work.

I was just going to say, WyzeTao has already answered this in post #14

On my Samsung A10e phone, in Settings-> Apps-> Wyze-> Permissions I can deny location. I only permit microphone and storage. Would that address your issue?

Wonzt work in Android 5.

asking a usere to do a manual removal of permissions, seom a security perspective is not a valid solution. the app should only ask for and use the minimum permissions and if it needs more then to ask/conform a dn be clear on the use of it. it’s a standard practice. you can’t assume everyone is tech savvy enough to do a manual removal.

that wasn’t really an answer… " I am pretty sure Wyze app doesn’t track GPS info for camera connection" is not a definitive statement, which can be verified / not…
Eg… in the source code there are specific calls to several libraries which use precise location and it should be stated under which conditions they are in fact used… Eg. “GPS locaiton is NEVER sent to facebook unless you are using the geofencing feature with wyze lock”… thats the level of statment that should be made to clear up when and how the loction is used, and under what circumstance.

(BTW no one has answered why exact gps locations are being sent to facebook places…)

You are talking to WYZE users like yourself. They are guessing at answers.
If you are looking for answers from WYZE ask them.

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@angus.black last time I checked the WYZE name in the userid indicates employees of Wyze (and they have certainly acted as such in the past… ) they are included in this thread and have answered previous questions.

He isn’t the user you were responding to.

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No… but he was the one who indicated that the question was answered when in fact it was not…

@WyzeTao used the words I am pretty sure twice in his response. He is guessing like the rest of us.
That doesn’t indicate a definitive answer.

Have you asked WYZE support? I am curious too.