Wyze Air Purifier - ghosts? mind of its own? Powers up on its own

One of my Wyze Air Purifiers has a mind of its own. For the rooms not occupied overnight, I tend to turn the unit off with the power button. I see it go off. I return in the morning and the unit is on. Sometimes if I remain in the room, it will power up within an hour - all by itself. I have verified that I do not have any special Wyze app settings such as “Return to Clean Air”. I have no rules that should be triggering it to turn on either. I have no explanation. My other two Wyze Air Purifiers do not behave like this one. I tried contacting Wyze support within the App and just got dropped multiple times in the chat due to their requests to check the app version number, check the serial number, etc…all pre-support questions. My last resort before requesting a warranty replacement,… I just reset the unit by holding the power button down for 10 seconds, deleting the device within the app, add new device and added to my wifi. We will see soon if it powers itself up again and finds itself heading back to the company…

Going out on a limb… do you have Alexa integrated with Wyze? If so, you could have a ‘hunch’ turning that particular unit on.

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