Wyze AI communication - March 2021

I hope you value privacy and act accordingly. As a company, I don’t feel Wyze is up to it even if they had the will.

I’m certain Verkada felt the same.

“Verkada had sold their system as particularly advanced in terms of privacy and security, which is ironic when you look at what happened,” Rollet said. “People don’t realize what happens on the back-end, and they assume that there are always these super-formal processes when it comes to accessing footage, and that the company will always need to give explicit consent. But clearly that’s not always the case.”

At this point, I think I’m done.

what’s the problem preventing you from tagging?

Sound and speech is definitely on eof the thing we are working on now. For the musical instruments practice, can you explain more? How do you want Wyze AI to be applied in this case?

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I filled out the form to include Weather events (Rain, Snow, Thunder, Lightning, etc.)
Might be an outlandish idea (or maybe already included), but I could see it’s uses if you are away from home.


Oh, another word would be recognizing pain words like Owe, Ouch, etc and tagging them as “Pain” in the camera events or as a notification. Or be able to distinguish when someone falls down. This could be helpful for monitoring elderly parents (who are at high risk for falling and not having anyone around to help them when it happens because they’re so frail…maybe a codeword they can say to the camera AI to have the AI trigger the emergency button from just sound recognition), or even your children while you’re away from home, even if you’ve left them with a babysitter, or if they are old enough not to need one, or even just having them in a different area of the house while you ARE home. You could get an alert or notification when someone falls down (falls down the stairs, or trips and hurts themselves) or starts saying ouch because a sibling hit them, or whatever. Those would be useful monitoring applications, though possibly somewhat complicated for the AI.

My wife owns several home health care franchises, and having another option to give people like inexpensive cameras that can sometimes detect falls and send alerts, while also allowing the elderly’s parents to be checked in on visually, and even see how the caregivers are taking care of their elderly parent, etc (peace of mind that there is no abuse, and that the care plan is being followed correctly)…you could sell millions of devices if you marketed this more toward elderly home care, especially with some AI integrations to help out and give some comfort that if they fall or say ouch that they will get notified nearly immediately. For now, they mostly offer little portable emergency buttons to press if they fall. Inexpensive Wyze cams with AI options could be helpful, and you could get home health franchises to support or offer them. Could be some big money there, seriously.

Anyway, as for the instruments, I acknowledge it could be hard to distinguish something like a guitar vs the radio when so much on the radio uses a guitar. However, stuff on the radio has usually been mixed with so many other things, I would think the AI could learn to distinguish when the Guitar is being practiced at home solo without all those other sounds. Many other instruments would be easier since they are rarely used in popular music (excluding classical styles, which also often combine lots of sounds together with an occasional solo).

So, you get the AI to recognize a Solo instrument being played, like, say a trombone for our example (The instrument my daughter chose to play in her mandatory middle school band class last year).

Kids in band or instrument classes are supposed to practice playing the instrument at home alone for X minutes every single day. If you get the Wyze AI to recognize all those instruments, you could get entire school districts to hand out advertisements/suggestions to kids’ parents about this inexpensive option that helps them keep track or remind them to remind their kids to practice if they haven’t done it by a certain time. For example, possibly setting a schedule in the Wyze App where if the camera(s) AI hasn’t detected instrument playing by X:XXpm, then a push notification or email is sent out as a reminder that instrument practice is supposed to be done by now, and was not detected. Hey, kids forget. Some of them even lie about it. Instead of a parent having to scroll through hours and hours of footage trying to verify if the practice was done, Wyze could tell right upfront when it started and roughly when the practicing ended. If you want to get really advanced, you could actually have an automatic log that tracks how much practice is done every day/month and even some cool stats/graphs about it over time. You might even be able to have some districts get grants to cover costs on some of it.

Music Teacher organizations claim there are over 154,000 Piano teachers alone as part of an official organization, not counting all the totally independent free-lance teachers not part of an organization. Most of them teach multiple children at a time. I would probably start with the AI learning to recognize Piano playing alone (not in a song or with other instruments). Often, parents taking their kids to piano lessons are more likely to invest and care about their child doing enough practicing. Market your cams to music shops and the MTNA and MENC as being able to recognize when a child is practicing piano and log the dates and times (kind of like a sensor does) of when they practiced, and it will help relieve the parents and teachers from having to manually track things. They can just look up whether practice happened and for how long during that time period. Maybe give rewards to their students for a certain amount of practice.

Like I said above, they now estimate that 85% of people under age 18 either currently or already have played a musical instrument, that is >62 million kids! That’s a huge market you could tap into with an innovative AI convenience. I’m not saying the entire 62Million kids will want/need this service, but what if even 5% did it? What if you got 3Million Cam Plus Subscriptions (and that’s assuming it was just 1 cam per student). Not to mention that just being the start of the Wyze funnel (where they might look into and buy other products you have…that’s what happened to me, I found you because I just wanted a smart scale and I got sucked into all the other stuff becoming a top 2% customer). Expanding your funnel to these kinds of music solutions could give you an innovative and interesting expansion.

For myself, I would just love to check at the end of each week and sort/filter to see what days my daughter practiced her instrument(s) like she was supposed to, and when, without having to search through an unseemly amount of video to try to catch it. Then I can easily tell the piano or band teachers which days she practiced on. That convenience alone would probably be worth that $1.25/month price on at least one of the cams.

From a business perspective, Wyze could seriously expand their market into lots of these areas. I get that you did some marketing into Pets…but there are TONS of similar ways you could get a bunch of new customers with such partnerships, etc. It would be helpful to have some related AI features that nobody else offers, then have your marketing guys get on with meeting with some of these organizations agreeing to recommend you for consideration.

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I periodically get “Person Detected” alerts because the AI thinks the trees in the backyard are full of people. :smiley:

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What are you trying to say? You don’t believe in Ents, nymphs/dryads/drus, Groot, etc?

Preposterous! The AI is smarter than humans at recognizing patterns we just don’t notice.

Reminds me of that old myth of the Native that saw the big ships on the ocean approaching, and pointed them out to his tribe, but nobody else could make their mind see them even though technically their eyes could have seen them simply because the concept of it was so far outside what they believed or were used to being able to see that their mind’s confirmation bias just filtered it out so they literally didn’t “see it” like he did, at least not until the ships were basically already there and docked and finally they could no longer deny it.

The point here is you need to stop letting your confirmation bias rule your life I say! You might start seeing what the AI recognizing (Ents, Groot, etc)…if we keep telling the AI to only look through our biased filters, it will stop seeing all the many things we keep ignoring. :slight_smile: Instead you should be excited that you have a whole tribe of tree people living so close to you! Though, it would be nice if Wyze AI simply distinguished between conventional Human and magical/Sci-Fi Tree-people. That would be acceptable.



Some android users can not tag AI submissions at all, we are greeted with a " tag this video " dialog, but there are no tags to chose from. No Tag to select when Submitting Events (Android) will have some more info on the issue.


I also have the issue with Tagging. I am enrolled in the Beta Testing and regularly llok for updates and submit logs. However, I cannot tag Video Events when they are wrong. I simply submit, or I use my iPhone as the tag selection is available on that. If you need additional logs, or have questions, please feel free to ask.

Also, is there a way I can get Face Recognition and the other AI options for testing? I know other Beta testers have this and would like to participate in the testing. oops. just read it was closed.


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Hi, what are you folks doing to filter out restless trees from being detected as motion? I’d love to be able to get notified for animals (bobcats raccoons, etc) but if I leave motion on, I just get leaves dancing in the wind.


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I see. I’ll have the developers to take look at the log and fix the bug


Thanks. If you need fresh logs, let me know.

I can’t say that the AI failed, there is something familiar about this guy. Just can’t place me finger lickin’ finger on it.


LOL. Impressive it picked that up.

Is it wrong that I am conflicted and want to say yes I know the Colonel, but the idea of messing with the AI would make me feel wrong?


Thats nest not wyze?..


Yeah, but it was still fun to see, and Wyze can learn from others…

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Videos with animals inside the frame including but not only limited to dogs, cats, birds, and bears

No love for foxes, raccoons, groundhogs, coyotes, skunks and opossums?

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@WyzeShawn i have 3 V2’s and 3 V3’s. I’m in beta on Android. A V2 with Camplus usually detects faces OK. My V3’s with Camplus have never detected a face - ever. They do person, pet, vehicle fine. I have a ticket open # 1098645 with two sets of logs. I’ve long suspected the problem to be on your end. That for some reason my account is not set for face detection on the V3. I am at a loss. Anything you can do would be greatly appreciated!

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