Wyze 47mm charging

I purchased wyze 44mm and 47mm watch and they both came with same charger. I can connect the charger to 44mm watch and it charges but the wyze 47mm watch doesn’t have the same interface as 44mm watch hence I cannot connect the charger. Did I receive wrong charger for 47mm model and how can I charge it ?

Welcome to the Wyze community @ashokjaiswal02!
The chargers for both watches attach to the bottom of the watch with magnets. There’s an indent where the charger will connect.

You may have to try the charger in different directions to connect it.


Thanks for your response! Yes I flipped the direction of the charger when connecting to the port and it finally connected to the magnetic ports. It worked!!

Its just confusing as it shows 4 dots on 44 mm vs showing 2 dots on 47 inch! I was wondering if its the correct charger for 47 inch watch.

Thanks again!


The 47 recharge cable is longer than the 44, if you want to tell which cable is for which watch at a glance.

However, they both work on both watches. If you use the 2 cables on one watch, you will notice they magnetically attach from different directions. However they still apply the right voltage to the right terminals.