Wyze 2 available thru Wyze website ?

Checked the Wyze website and it says the Wyze 1 has been replaced by the Wyze 2 - also says “it’s” no longer for sale from Wyze

Friend wants to get started with Wyze Cameras so would assume they’ll be the Wyze 2…the website however says that the Wyze camera is available for $19.99 thru them (Wyze)…so does that mean that Wyze is still selling their cameras thru their site but that they’ll be Wyze 2 ?



Correct. If you order one now it will be a Wyze V2. However, there was a manufacturing problem so the V2s are on hold and won’t ship for 3-4 weeks. See this:


thank you for the quick reply - appreciate it mucho