Wyse watch 47 Sleep not picking up naps issue

At times I may fall asleep watching TV around 8pm wake at 11:30 go to bed at !2 am and watch will only pick up the sleep duration starting from 12. Is there any solution to have al sleep counted?

It must be a setting that we can’t see
I just received mine Monday (4 total) and the other 3 people see the same issue. As you.
I work nights and sleep soundly during daylight hours and I have yet to get sleep info.
My guess is the programming is set to only record sleep when the sun is down. Maybe this weekend I will get to test that feature.

Yeah something is weird. I have just went to bed late and the duration seems fine then. I just want it to get the whole duration.

Just chatted with Wyze about this issue. It cant record sleep during the day or naps. Suggested a post it here under wishlist and saw your post when I searched.