Wrong notifications waking me up in the middle of the night!

UPDATE: Log ID 1465997

Ok, I really need help here! My three Wyze Cam Outdoor V1s have begun doing the impossible. :eyes:

I have them set ONLY for PERSON detection. No Vehicle. No Package. No Pet.

Yet, somehow, incredibly, EVERY NIGHT, I get PET notifications that wake me up in the middle of the night when the raccoons, possums, cats, etc. make their nightly treks through my back yard. :expressionless:

I’ve double- and triple-checked the notifications setting for each cam (see screenshot for one of them), but it doesn’t seem to matter. I’m getting PET notifications anyway.

This is starting to take a toll on my health because it takes me so long to get back to sleep. :sleeping:


I’m using the 3.0 Beta app, but I believe this glitch started happening shortly before that update. I’m not positive about that.

I would have reported sooner but it was only happening sporadically back then. Now it’s pretty much every night. :grimacing:

Check your camera settings for notifications. They may be different than those for recording.

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Thanks. But that’s not the issue. On the V1 cams, there is no option to select separate notifications. See the screenshot.

I suspect the problem is the notification setting “Detects Wyze AI Events.” That probably notifies if any of the AI objects are detected, not just those set to record.

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@WyzeJasonJ @WyzeDongsheng @WyzeNathan

You may be right…I don’t understand why Wyze never upgraded the Outdoor V1 cam firmware to add the ability to notify for each of the AI categories separately. I think every other Wyze cam has this capability.

Any thoughts?

Old tech only marginally supported. Development is directed towards new cameras.

I turned off the “Detects Wyze AI Events” setting and ran a test…the cam did detect me as a person when I walked past, but I did not get the notification (which defeats the purpose of having the cam monitoring my back yard).


That is what I anticipated. Don’t think there is a solution for that camera.

I suspect it’s the 3.0 app or something 3.0-related on the backend. I have no issues with my WCO v1 (or v2) cams’ detection, tagging and notifications under 2.50.6 (469). All sorts of oddities under 3.0.

:rofl:I trained them all to like the cams, except one juvenile :raccoon: who tried to take out my V3 after he knocked it over.


May I get a log number under the Account → Wyze Support → Submit a Log → Wyze Cam Outdoor V1? Then I can forward this to our engineering team to take another look! Thanks!

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Yes, here it is: Log ID #1465997

Thanks! :+1:t4:

Happy Independence Day to all! :blush::sparkler::us:

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So I’ve reported the same type behavior on multiple V3s using the regular app (not the beta version). All of a sudden I started getting vehicle notifications even though I’ve never enabled them. Nothing worked to resolve the issue, short of deleting all Wyze app data and starting the app again. But the issue came back the next day. Since not everyone was having the issue, it never got attention. After several days of deleting all app data every day, it just stopped happening. Since I don’t update Wyze firmware or software, it’s not like an update fixed the issue. It just quit happening.

Wyze AI is lame with Vehicle notifications, a parked car that hasn’t moved will be detected if a bug or leaf goes by camera in field of view.

So the ONLY TIME vehicle detection is good if the camera is where No Vehicles park…lol

This morning AI detected a Person…lol

I am really starting to like the Reolink cameras I have been installing as they ACTUALLY WORK like I would have liked Wyze to work…


It would be great if Wyze AI could differentiate between moving and parked vehicles, but if you set up your detection zones properly, you can eliminate most unwanted vehicle detections.

I set up my detection zones to block the areas where vehicles regularly park in my cul-de-sac. This way, nearly every vehicle event my cams flag is for vehicles moving past / into my driveway or near my curb.

Hope this helps… :+1:t4:

My detection zone has been working well for about 98% of the time since I set it. I wish the squares were a little smaller. :upside_down_face:

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Hope you park your pickup in exactly the same place each time…

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I do


Agree. A bit more granularity would really help with fine-tuning the detection zone. :+1:t4:

I don’t know if a change was made via a server side update, but last night was my first night in several where I DID get raccoons, but I DID NOT get woken up for them! I’m taking this as a positive sign, possibly a fix. :crossed_fingers:t4:

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