Wrens Building Nest on Back Porch

I’m pretty sure it’s the same couple who had build there last year.
After this I switched cams and now have the V3pro up there. I can turn on the light if I want to see in there better, too.


they better hope their Pot House doesn’t fall off the shelf or one of Carver’s clients knocks it off. :astonished: :cat2:

Yeah, I’m waiting for them to show up. They haven’t been on the back porch since I got home. I may have to stick some tape to the sides of the pot, just in case.

So far, so good. I did chase away a cat last night that was sleeping on my couch. I swapped out cams and am now using the V3pro. It has better quality and I think I’ll set it down lower as well later today.

Hope the video shows up, as it’s not a big file.