Would you pay for Alexa?

Amazon is going to start charging for Alexa. I use the integration to create routines that link products from various vendors, including Wyze. Would you pay for access to Alexa?




That’s my thought as well. Do you use something else to integrate multi-vendor platforms? I’ve got SmartThings and Home Assistant. I’ve also been using IFTTT. I want to find a automation platform that doesn’t require a subscription so I’m delving more deeply into HA.


Kids used Alexa, but grew up and moved out. Wife uses Google. I’m tinkering with homegrown integration.

AI Alexa? No.

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Not sure there is going to be an differentiation. Just Alexa. The article basically says that Amazon isn’t making any money on Alexa so it should go away or become AI.

I would not pay. I also use Home Assistant for things and would.enhance that peicess

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I brought this up because I foresee problems with several home automation products if Amazon moves forward with this. I’ve built several routines using the Alexa app to integrate various vendors. In this forum I’ve seen many suggestions to use Alexa when the Wyze app and rules won’t do what is requested. Going to make things difficult if Amazon continues down this path.


Agreed. My home is very Alexa heavy with automations and voice commands that I’ve set up. :expressionless:

We will have to figure out another method of integrating the Wyze Sensors.

You could use some Wyze Plugs, switches, etc and tap into the Sensors. So if a door is open, then turn on switch 1, when closed turn it off.

Then the HA Wyze Integration would see the plug go on or off and you can then trigger something to occur. Not ideal if you have a lot of sensors in the house.

Easier for me…I use a lot of YoLink devices and they have a cloud-based integration for HA. No need for the Wyze sensors. I can activate plugs and bulbs based on those.

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Yea, I also have some Aqara devices which I use in HA as well.

No. The review of AlexaAI was long rambling incorrect answers. Sames as FreeAlexa. It’s ok for “dead or alive” and sometimes home automation. Timers and alarms work as long as you don’t make them complicated whatsoever. The rest of the promise of assistants and AI are far in the future, no one is paying to have companies spend money now to make them useful. So they stay as hobby notions still.

No way. Enjoy that yacht and your bimbo, big guy.

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I have a home assistant green setup now and it has its own voice assistant. I don’t use Alexa or very little and pay then enough already with Prime. Still a newb though. Lot of fun and learning.

I’m moving toward Zigbee devices myself, very slowly and testing a couple.

I have a number of Z-Wave devices that work well, plus devices from YoLink. Starting to migrate them to Home Assistant. Just got the Zigbee and Z-Wave adapter working yesterday.

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Saw the Alexa home guard being removed and converted to part of a subscription service. Although I never used it so I don’t care. I got so little automation that no subscription for any thing is worth it to me. So emphatically no!

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