Won’t pair with a Mii bluetooth transmitter?

New Wyze buds (not pro) paired with my iPhone easily. Added to the app easily. That part is 100% working correctly.

My intent was to use these with a 1Mii B03 bluetooth 5.0 transmitter. Currently I am using a NewBee bluetooth 5.0 earpiece. This combination has worked great for months.

Why won’t the Wyze buds pair with the bluetooth transmitter? Both transmitter and earpiece are 5.0

I have turned off bluetooth on the iPhone.

Unpair the buds from everything. Factory reset the buds. Before reconnecting to the wyze app, pair them to the things you want them to pair with. Then you can set them up in the wyze app.

This worked to get the pairing to my work computer. For some reason, once they’re connected to the wyze app, some devices have difficulty pairing to them.

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That did the trick. Thanks!

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