wizecampan ports and username passwords

ok i got the wizecampan today and set it up with the app, but i want to use it with tinycam and they have the camera in there selection but i need the port it uses and the default username and default password it uses. and it there is any way to change them after i set them up. i was able to change my other cams ports so i’m hoping i can change the wizecampan password username and ports? any help.

You don’t need to put Hostname/IP address, port number etc. Don’t touch anything except input your Username and Password of your Wyze account, then select channel #. If you just have 1 cam, then no need to select channel # since default channel # is 1.

thanks i did get it going using all the other stuff but just now i did it by your instructions and it showed up no to figure out why it drops out . thanks

Please refer to this discussion about using tinycam : https://www.wyzecam.com/forums/topic/how-to-setup-tinycam-with-wyze-cam/

There is a very clear document about the steps.

Though I found out there is no need to put in any ip address.

And I am not sure what you meant by " it showed up no to figure out why it drops out "

I have 10 V2 and 2 Cam Pan set up with tinycam pro without any problem.

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