Without person detection

I updated the software and discovered I have to pay a subscription for person detection which was free with purchase which was my reason for the camera. In fact purchased 2 cameras . Thinking of returning 1 unopened. If I do not subscribe will I still record anyone walking by with the motion sense. I use the camera inside window to detect anyone walking in my yard. If it will not record a person(s) walking in yard what’s the sense. I monitor homes when I’m away. Little confused about this person detection issue. Please advice, little confused. Thank You. Joe

You will record the regular 12 second motion and sound events and also to SD cards if you have them. The SD clips can be either continuous recording or until thd motion stops.
You won’t have person detection or person specific notifications.

It will still record people, it will just not notify you that it is a person, you will get a notification of motion in general.

Thank you Kindly Agnus and Jason for your reply. God Bless

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