Wiring inside of Edison Cap

The “bulb” portion of my Wyze Floor Lamp disconnected from the silver Edison cap (the part that screws into the light socket). There is a red wire and a black wire poking out of the bulb that I assume have specific solder points in the Edison cap, but I don’t see any prior evidence of soldering, so it’s a guess as to what goes where. I’d like to get an electrician friend to help fix the bulb, but I’d prefer to provide them with accurate instructions. Has anyone done a teardown of an old bulb and if so, could you offer any suggestions?

I do not have access to any diagram and an electrician will probably know for sure but I believe the red would be wired to the post in the middle. Just need a multimeter to check which wire is what and where it should connect.

Again, even though I am a Wyze employee this is by no means a statement from Wyze, just me trying to help with my limited electronics knowledge.


I just measured 118 volts AC at the socket on my Wyze floor lamp. Actuating the remote switch did nothing, since it is communicating with the bulb that is not connected. Apparently the wiring does not matter. The conversion from AC to DC must be in the bulb. I put a regular bulb in the socket and it lit at full brightness. Theoretically, the Wyze floor lamp bulb can be installed in any lamp with the standard e26/standard base/medium base socket.

So, the wires can be connected either way. As @WyzeJasonJ stated, I would put the red wire on the center post because in my 45+ years as an auto mechanic, red was always center pin.

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That’s where my experience comes from but only 25 years lol.


The pin in the middle of the edison cap should de able to be pried out with a flat screwdriver. There’s no soldering, the wire is just held in place by the force of the pin . the other wire is just folded over the edge of the lamp and touches the shell when it is crimped on. Polarity shouldn’t really matter for a bulb like this.