Wiring for gas furnace + central AC

I bought a few wyze thermostat some time ago and they have been working great.
I used them to replace the previous “dumb” thermostat that control my gas furnace (and radiators).
Wiring on prev thermostats were R and W.
I needed to add power so the new setup is
RC and c (new wire) and Rh and W1 (existing wire)
The 2nd thermostat was easier as power was already here:
RC + W1 + C

I also have Central air for cooling and never figured out how to add it to these 2 wyze thermostat. So I keep using the old thermostat for the AC only. (Y + G + Rc)

So I have 2 options:
1- Unplug the heat in summer, plug AC and revert in winter
2-hope the wyze community can help me figure out how to have the 2 systems plugged in.

You should be able to tell the wyze that you have Rc. Rh, Y, G, and W1, and it should walk you through hooking up the C adapter to your air conditioning unit. it will have you try to hook up W1 there as well, but you don’t need to, Rh and W1 can come from your furnace for heat.
Something like this: