Wiring for Cam Floodlight

I bought a Wyze Cam Floodlight to replace an older install by a previous owner. The original sensor light is wired to a switch, and also to two additional porch lights that come on when the sensor light comes on. The original sensor light was wired to two white neutrals wired together, and to two separate black hots, one into the sensor light and the other out to the other lights, I assume.

How best to wire the Cam Floodlight to this setup? The Cam Floodlight only has one white neutral and one black hot.

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Your current setup is wired from the breaker to the mechanical switch to the PIR sensor on the existing floodlight. The PIR sensor is acting as an inline automated switch that powers the three floodlights. This is a mechanical switching setup.

Because the Wyze Floodlights are Electronically switched inside the Wyze Floodlight by the Firmware, there is no way to series wire additional lights into it. The Wyze floodlight only has power in from the switch and neutral back to the switch.

The only way you will be able to include your two static floods would be to pull them off the switches circuit, wire them to a standard male outlet plug, plug them into a Wyze Smart Plug, and use Rules to activate power to the Smart Plugs when the Wyze Floodlight comes on. This is what I do with 2 Wyze Floodlight Pro’s and 4 LED Floodlight I have installed.

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