2 sets of wires in junction box

my junction box has 2 lights already .when i open it up there are 1 set of wires to each light .so what should i do to get it to only 1 set of wires to hook up the the wzye flood light thank you

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If you are able to upload a photo of the wiring in the junction box with the old floodlights attached, that may help.

Also a couple of questions:

  1. Are the old lights just spotlight only when switched on or is there a PIR Motion Sensor or Light Detector timer that turns them on at night?

  2. How many switches control the floodlights? Both bulbs on the same switch?

  3. Are there any other floodlights operating on the same switch(es)?

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thank you for yout response.to answer your questions

1.the old lights are just spotlights no motion or light sensor

2.there are 2 normal lights switches that controls on and off, one in master bedroom and 1 in garage

3i have a total of 5 flood light around the house .the plane is to replace 1 a month or so to make sure i like and spead cost around abit. all flood lifgt are controled by the same 2 swtiches in answer 2
once aging thank you for your help

Some thoughts…

Since all the lights are manually switched and on the same dual switch circuit, you are going to run into a problem just replacing one at a time.

The Wyze Floodlight requires power 100% of the time to power the cam. With the switches on, the cam will work fine, however all the other lights will be on also… 24\7. Turn the switches off to turn off the manual lights and the Wyze Floodlight is just decorative. With the wiring setup you have, either all are on or all are off. There is no way to get power to the Wyze Floodlight with the other lights off without running a dedicated power supply to the Wyze Floodlight outside of the manual floodlight switched circuit. The other option is to swap them all at once and leave the switches on to keep the Wyze Floodlight Cam powered.

With the wiring shown in your pics, since I don’t see any wire connections in the junction box, my suspicion is that these lights were installed incorrectly. Rather than pulling the two supply wire leads down thru the hole in the junction box and wire nutting the two lights to the supply leads inside the box, the two light leads were all pulled up thru the hole in the box and are wire nutted to the supply leads in the soffit behind the junction box and then the junction box was secured. You will need to investigate behind the junction box by pulling it down to see if my suspicion is right.

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