Wiring a thermostat to a new furnace using the C wire adapter

I have a new Lochinvar high efficiency furnace. The circuit board that is part of the furnace has 3 terminals available for each zone: R W C. I want to wire the C adapter to the circuit board, and then wire the C adapter to the thermostat. If needed, I have my own source of 24 VAC available. I need a wiring diagram

why do you need the c adapter? show pictures of your current wiring.

I agree. I don’t need the C adapter. I currently have two wires running from the furnace control board to the wall where the thermostat will be mounted, but I can easily run two more wires, giving me a total of 4 wires. My furnace control panel
Lochinvar control panel
has three connections available: R / W / C. Maybe I can run those three signal directly to the Wyze thermostat. I just have to figure out where to connect them on the Wyze baseplate.

PS I am trying to include a JPEG of the control panel, but cannot figure out how to do it.

You would need 3 wires at your thermostat.
R goes to Rc
W goes to W1
C goes to C

If you want to make the wiring run more future proof, and it’s not a hassle, run 6 total wires, and just don’t connect 3 of them. this will give you the ability to use either an air conditioner or a heat pump in the future if you ever have one installed.

I will try it out and let you know. Thanks so much for the help.


It worked! Thanks so much


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