Wiring thermostat with 3 wire and c adapter

I’m attempting to wire the thermostat with only 3 wires (and no common wire). I have the C wire adapter installed but don’t know which wire to move to common on the thermostat side. I only have a furnace (no AC) and still would like to be able to run the fan to circulate the air separate of heat. Here is the old thermostat.

Here is the furnace.

Here is the thermostat as presently wired. When turning on the system at the breaker, i can hear the thermostat clicking but no screen.

You cannot control both the heat and fan with a 3 wire circuit. The wyze’s included C adapter only works with cooling systems. If you want to control both heating and the fan, you would need an 24VAC adapter plugged into the wall, running directly to the wyze thermostat, connecting it to the Rc and C wires, then connect the red wire to Rh, the green wire to G, and the white wire to W1. Disconnect the wyze’s C adapter from your furnace or you will likely blow a fuse.

You would tell the wyze during setup that your old thermostat uses the following wires if you were doing this : Rc, C, Rh, G, W1