Furnace control board has two w's

I’m trying to install the c adapter on my furnace control board. It says to label the wires. I have W1 and w2, and two wires hooked up to y. Which W do I use?

question for you…at your current thermostat, are there 4 wires or more?

my control board had the 4 wires in one bunch sleeve and then other wires for the humidifier in a two wire sleeve, and then another two wires in another grouping sleeve.

you’d want to connect the “4 wires” from the same “wire grouping sleeve” to Wyze C-Adapter. Leave the other wires at control board alone.

trace the wires in the furnace control board to their grouped sleeve of wires. i think you should have 4-wires coming out of a sleeve. those are the ones to connect to c-adapter and then connect from c-adapter to furnace control board as listed in instructions.

my two cents based on what i just installed.

This is my control board on the furnace. I had a new furnace installed in July. Sorry it’s hard to see the letters.

Thermostat wiring

Hmm, you are 100% correct…you do have two “W” wires. And your bunch is a 5-wire bunch but none going to C…i wonder if you even need the C-wire adapter then…you might be able to swap one of the W wires…to the C connector and then use that as C at the thermostat.

MY understanding is each wire would perform certain functions…Y is A/C, R is furnace, W1 might be fan, W2 might be something else…

But, i’m not electrical expert…so, am going to recommend connecting with a Wyze expert. Sorry my friend. It’s definitely different than standard 4-wire.

Looks like your new furnace is 2 Stage Heat. They used your Common wire for the 2nd Stage. Your thermostat runs on batteries correct?

Possibly a Lennox EL296UH or SL280UH furnace?

It does now. I had a Honeywell lyric t6 pro with my old furnace. The HVAC company installed one with batteries.

A 296. Nice lol

Amazing furnace by the way, :+1:t4: We install hundreds of those, can’t get a better furnace.

The best option is to have a new 18/8 thermostat wire ran to give you the extra wires you need.

You can use the C Wire Adapter and connect it to W1. The thermostat will still trigger W2 when there is a call for 2nd Stage Heat. Your G to the thermostat will become the C wire, so that would go in the C spot. Just verify your wiring in the Wyze App to make sure it detects R, C, G, Y, W1, and W2.

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Where do I connect the c wire from the adapter? Since there is already a wire on c on the control board?

Just the c wire to hook up then just follow the wyze instructions?

That C wire is for the outdoor unit so leave it connected along with the adapter C wire. the white to Y from the same sleeve stays on Y.

So basically what I did was used w on the adapter to w1, I wired the rest normal. The c from the adapter still goes to c on the furnace correct? (So now there are two wires on c)

Correct lol

Old thermostat only had a wire to R. Not rh or rc. The wyze thermostat has rh and rc. Is R the same as rh? Sorry for all the questions! I appreciate your help.

Put R to Rc

It’s powering up! Thanks a million Brian! I appreciate the help man, and god bless you.

Glad I could help, hope you enjoy the thermostat!

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