Wired outdoor camera?

We have a (wired) v2 sitting in one of our windows looking out over the front yard on an iPad. We’d like to buy a wired outdoor Wyze camera that will similarly provide a continuous feed to our iPad. The Wyze outdoor-indoor camera is wireless, right? I think that leaves us the v3…but i’m not sure it streams/continuously feeds an iPad. The v3 Does provide a continuous feed right? (We’re not interested in recording, storage space, motion detection, delay-time, sirens, audio, probably not even the acuity of night vision). Probably a dumb question, thanks, eddie

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The Wyze Cam Outdoor is outdoor rated and battery powered.
The Wyze Cam V3 is outdoor rated and hard-wire powered. The V3 has all of the features of the V2 camera plus the outdoor rating and starlight sensor(providing better night vision).
Would suggest you use the V3.


Absolutely, use the V3. :+1:

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Thankx! We appreciate both replies :blush:, thanks, eddie