Wind sound / static in Right ear piece

My right ear piece get a low constant sound kinda like wind blowing with noise cancelation on. There are no other backgrounds noises, nothing is linked to the head set, I get the sound even if I put the right ear piece on my left ear. Anyone else get

I’m getting something similar, but I don’t know if I’d describe it the same way.

I will power on my headphones, hear the “Connected” as it connects to my phone & laptop, and within the first minute, I’ll start getting LOUD, bursty static in my left ear. Loud enough that I have to take it off my ear.

It will continue to be sporadic, but eventually will become constant. It seems that messing with the transparency mode will move it to constant immediately.

I really hope this is recoverable as I LOVE these headphones.

Laptop: Mid-2015 MacBook Pro running Big Sur (11.1)
Phone: Samsung S9 running Android 10 (Latest)

Another update:

Now I’m able to recreate the static just by moving the left earpiece back and forth. I think mine might be defective.