Will Wyze Cam Work with 5G?

Verizon will be moving to 5G by year’s end and will my Wyze Cam work with 5G? I am currently using 2.4G. I have mostly Wyze Cam/PAn 2 & 3

This is discussed ad nauseam on the forums…2.4ghz only.

5G on your phone is not the same as the 5.0 GHz network from the router. Most routers have a 2.4 and a 5.0 GHz network, some with a different SSID name for each network, same password. Don’t worry about Verizon, and they are not going to change the entire Verizon network from 4LTE to the 5 G network either. Are you talking about a Verizon 5G home internet Service???

Yes your WYZE gear will work. If you are talking about 5G home internet