Will Wyze bulbs work for growing houseplants without sunlight?

My room doesn’t have a window for sunlight and so if I want to grow a houseplant, I’m gonna need one that can tolerate low light or figure how to make these bulbs work for houseplants like the sun in the long run.

Plants grow most from the red wavelength and blue wavelength lights (I assume that’s related to the color temperatures). So in theory if I set up a schedule to match the sun and crank the light color temperature to daylight white or soft white, will that be enough? Would I need to change the actual color to blue or red?

Share any experience you have growing house plants without sunlight in a room with Wyze bulbs! I want to see if it’s possible.

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I use Bulb Color :bulb_color: but don’t have any personal experience with this. Here’s what I see on the Support site:

Can I use Wyze Bulb Color as a “grow” light?

We have not evaluated or tested Wyze Bulb Color as a horticultural luminaire. It may emit light at wavelengths that are good for growing plants, but we suggest that you use it in the environments specified in our Quick Start Guide.

So the official answer is not “no”…. :thinking:

My understanding of temperature is that it’s not directly related, at least not when it comes to a plant’s needs for certain wavelengths of light, and that it’s kind of a separate quality that I see most often applied to descriptions of “white” light, but I’m not a physicist, and my college botany classes were waaay too early in the morning for optimal learning. :man_shrugging:

I can’t answer those questions, but if you wanted to “match the sun” you wouldn’t need to set up a schedule for that. My understanding is that you could just give the Wyze app permission to know your location and then enable the Sun Match feature for your bulb(s). That should be easier.

If I was set on trying to do something like this, then I’d probably just look for a full-spectrum grow light and put that in a fixture connected to a smart plug. Then I’d put the plug on a schedule for the light to simulate daylight hours. That seems like it’d be the way to have assurance that your plant would get the light wavelengths it needs for growth.

You asked some really interesting questions, I think! Hopefully some other Forum members with more experience will chime in and provide you some useful feedback.

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